About Us

Brian Alford, UT Austin B.A., Columbia J.D.

Jose Ancer, UT Austin B.A., Harvard J.D.

Brian and Jose are Emerging Companies partners at E/N, out of Austin and Denver, representing leading early-stage/middle-market CPG and technology companies. E/N is a top-tier corporate & commercial boutique law firm focused on providing emerging companies access to world class counsel, without the inefficiencies and inertia of large, traditional law firms. Here is a link to E/N’s CPG Practice Page.

Spending a lot of time in both the CPG and Tech space, we noticed that there’s a big gap between the two in terms of information available online. There’s an entire online ecosystem of useful info for tech entrepreneurs, but very little for CPG.¬†¬†There are unique legal and financing issues faced by CPG companies that are very different from other startups, and CPG Startup Lawyer will (hopefully) become a go-to resource for CPG entrepreneurs to educate themselves and avoid pitfalls.